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TRIX :: French Fries

on December 5, 2011

With an EP lined up for release on Claude von Stroke's dirtybird label, and having stormed dancefloors with the infectious Hugz, not to mention tearing up the dance with his exclusive XLR8R mix, it's safe to say Frenchy's doing exciting things and we can't wait to have him to Hidden.Cementing himself as an electronica-tribal house legend-in-the-making, Parisian-born French Fries spares us ten minutes ahead of his FOUND debut, playing for TRIX on Friday 16th December alongside Boddika, Dark Sky, Eliphino, Synamatix, and Ten Thousand Yen records host the second arch.
Thanks for catching up with us, we know you're especially busy these days! We?ve got a lot of time for the French take on house; many of your sounds ooze a tribal quality. When did you first start dabbling in production?
"I started making music when I was really young. I began making rap beats when I was 9 and I went into house about 6 years ago."

Who?s been supporting your music?
"The most important thing for me is that I have the support of my family, my friends and the people I admire."

Is the French house scene thriving? Who are some key artists, promoters and labels pushing the scene out there? 
"The French house scene was really big in the 90s and then we had a sort of a blank period. But nowadays a lot of new labels have blossomed such as Sound Pellegrino, Youngunz, Marble, ClekClekBoom... And artists like Brodinski, Bambounou, Manare, and Club Chaval are killing it right now. It's even more thrilling as we are like a big family, working together - it creates a great dynamic."

If we found ourselves in Paris, what decent spots would you recommend to us?
"I think Social Club, Rex and Nouveau Casino are the best spots in Paris."

Who or what has played a key part in shaping your musical influence? What sounds were you brought up on?
"The artist who made me want to make music in the first place was Prince. I grew up surrounded by Latin music but I was quickly driven into rap music. The main labels that influence me in club music are Dance Mania, Hessle Audio, Uzuri, Night Slugs and Hyperdub."

What sort of background do you come from musically - are you a trained musician or play any instruments? Do you think being classically trained makes a big difference to an artist?s productions?
"I've learned drums for a long time, my father also taught me how to play guitar and piano. I don't know if you can hear a difference to an artist's productions, but I think it makes you work faster, and maybe more creatively."

What labels do you think are really flying the flag for dance music these days?
"Hessle Audio, Night Slugs, Numbers, DirtyBird, Swamp 81..."

When you?re not in the studio, where might we find you? 
"You can catch me at CelckClekBoom's office."

Can you give us a sneak preview of forthcoming projects and releases to look forward to?
"We just dropped Champagne/Hugz 12" - the digital release will be out on the 19th December. I've got a lot of forthcoming projects, an exclusive track with Manaré which is coming out on the next Youngunz compilation, an EP on DirtyBird and the first Piu Piu's EP."

What can people expect to hear when they come and see you play TRIX on Friday 16th December in London?
"Ghetto music."