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Give Me A Break 12"

Give Me A Break 12"


We've been driving the Starsmith bandwagon for as long as we can remember, so it's with great pleasure that we finally announce his hotly-anticipated debut solo single on Neon Gold, coming this October 18th. Two sides of scorching club electro, his debut 12" features lead track "Give Me A Break", a massive, club-swallowing anthem built around a huge Richie Family sample (from their track of the same name) that would have lit the clubs up all summer long had it seen a release six months ago. On the flipside we've got "Knuckleduster", an aggressive instrumental that provides the perfect compliment to it's A-side counterpart. Together they're the perfect teaser for his more vocal-based and pop-oriented solo work, set to drop in the new year with his debut album as he readies his debut album for release in 2011.


GOLD020. Released 10/18/10.

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