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Pieces of You 7"

Pieces of You 7"


A one man pop magician, Max McElligot is the mastermind behind Wolf Gang and this is his debut single as he teeters on the brink of global pop domination. Fused with the grooves of David Byrne and the widescreen soundscapes of Arcade Fire, "Pieces of You" simultaneously possesses a charming, almost Smokey Robinson-esque pop quality. It's a timeless, special record, with an explosive chorus that's one of the year's biggest and a unique rough charm that makes it one of the most endearing tracks we've heard in ages. The flipside sets a different tone in "The Kill," as hospital synths swoon and swirl across the mix and McElligot sings with a dark urgency of life in modern society. Together, the two songs perfectly introduce the eclectic sound that epitomizes Wolf Gang's wonderfully unique approach to pop songwriting. Definitely a band to watch in the months to come.

GOLD005. Released 6/9/08.

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