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Tuff N Stuff/You Were Young 7"

Tuff N Stuff/You Were Young 7"


Yes Giantess are the next great hope for electronic pop in the US, following in the footsteps of Passion Pit with an even more synthed-out electro sound. Produced by Passion Pit's own Ayad Al-Adhamy at his Bo Flex Music studio, they're unleashing some of the biggest pop jams you'll hear all year. "Tuff 'n Stuff" is their masterwork, leading you in with a deceptively plaintive intro before dropkicking you in the jaw with a metric ton of Ratatat-sized synths and huge pop choruses. "You Were Young" stuns on the AA-side, all spiraling synths, infectious hooks and a gamechanging bridge that sounds like Daft Punk on a sugar high. Yeah, they're pretty much the sonic equivalent of flying down the yellow brick road while its raining ecstasy and skittles, and yeah, you're gonna want to taste this rainbow.

GOLD003. Released 4/20/09.

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