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Don't Save Me 7"

Don't Save Me 7"


The sisters HAIM have taken both sides of the Atlantic by storm this year, and the buzz looks set to reach critical mass with the release of their new AA-side single "Don't Save Me" / "Send Me Down", out December 10th on Neon Gold. From the opening drum kick on "Don't Save Me", you're swept away by a coastal groove that sparks and skylarks on a wave of pure emotion. Then the vocals drop in piping hot, melting on your tongue with the vicissitude of a thousand addictions, and the rest is history. On the flip, "Send Me Down" is a dropkick to the face of unbridled estrogen and adrenaline in the same master rush, all criss-crossing hopscotch acoustics and butterscotch melodies, not to mention a healthy dose of space horns that thrusts the otherwise timeless songwriting headfirst into the future. Limited to only 300 copies in the US, this one will go fast, so get your preorder in while you still can. Sold Out

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